Halloween 2017 Everything You Always Wanted to Know!

Halloween 2017: Tuesday Р31st Oct, 2017 on this date Halloween 2017 will be get celebrated. Since, each and every month this festival get celebrated on the same date of October, 31st.

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017
Halloween 2017

1. History of Halloween

If in one sentence it is asked that what exactly Halloween is, then it can be said that it is nothing but a fine line between superstitions and celebrations. Halloween started with the festival of Samhain that falls on the 31st of October which is the same day when Halloween is also celebrated.

Around 2000 years ago a tribe called Celts used to live in the region that is now known to be the United Kingdoms. They used to celebrate their New Year’s on the 1st of November and a day before that was celebrated as the Samhain Day. It was said that on the last day of the year.

That is, on the 31st of October, the dead people used to visit the Earth. In order to keep the families and pets safe, people of that region used to dress up as ghosts and roam around to keep the real ghosts at bay. Gradually and eventually, this day came to be known as the Halloween’s Day.

1.1 Halloween- Origin of Halloween

Halloween originated from the Samhain festival where people used to dance around bonfires and wear ghost-like clothes to scare them. It eventually became All-Hallows Eve and then Halloween. Though there are not many similarities now between the Samhain festival and the Halloween except one that both these days are dedicated to the ghosts and the spirits.

1.2 Halloween- Arrival of Halloween in America

The early New England arose to have protestant belief systems of rigid nature, so the celebration of Halloween was something that became quite unacceptable there. Gradually, Halloween lost all its essence in the Great Britain and the lovers of this ghostly day started heading towards different countries to celebrate the day.

Gradually, the Americans started taking notes from the English people and that is how Halloween Day reached the US. It all started with friends partying with each other in different costumes, then they started to play pranks on each other. Now, slowly and gradually, it’s become a rage in the US and the day is celebrated with much zeal and excitement.

1.3 Halloween- Superstitions Related to Halloween

Halloween is all about superstitions, isn’t it? But, still there are a lot of superstitions that do the round on the day of Halloween, here are some of them.

– On a Halloween night, seeing a spider means a loved one has come from the dead to see you.
– Those who are born on the Halloween Day can talk to the spirits and can see them as well.
– It is believed that if a person lights an orange candle on the night of the Halloween and if the candle makes it to the dawn, it means the family is going to flourish.

1.4 Halloween- Traditions of Halloween

There are several traditions of the Halloween Day, but only some of them hold significance. Here they are.

– Trick or Treat. This is probably one of the oldest customs of Halloween where children are supposed to go door to door asking for some or the other gifts or candies using the phrase “Trick or Treat”. This phrase means that the children want treat else they will play a prank on the owner of the house.

– Jack-o’-lantern. This is a tradition where you have to light a lantern out of a pumpkin. Yes! Just take a pumpkin and carve it making it look like a face, a horrible one and then put a candle in it to light it. It became a tradition only in the 20th century by the North Americans.

– Mischief Night. This is the craziest one. In this tradition, you have to pull a prank on someone as a custom. What started as a custom has become really ugly nowadays and that’s why more and more people are against practicing this one.

1.5 Halloween- Costumes of Halloween

There is no fixed costume as such for a Halloween night. You can wear whatever you want. The best-suited costumes are those that look scary and a good makeup is always a plus. You can also wear costumes of some horror movies or even some cartoon characters that you find scary. The idea is to fit the bill and look as scary as you can. Happy Halloween 2017!

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