Happy Grandparents Day Poem in English for Kids 2017

Happy Grandparents Day Poem in English for Kids 2017

Happy Grandparents Day Poem in Englih 2017, Grandparents Day Poem for Kids, Short Poem on Grandparents Day, Grandparents Day Poem in English for Kindergarten.

Happy Grandparents Day Poem in English for Kids 2017

Happy Grandparents Day Poem in English for Kids 2017

1. Grandma, I wonder where you keep your wings. Are they hung in your closet with the rest of your things? Do you put them away and just use them at night or give them to Rosie to polish up bright. I know you have wings, for this must be true, because god always gives them to angels just like you.

2. Two hearts faithful and true, the world would be incomplete without you. You are two of the bravest and kindest people I know. No matter what you do, your love for others will always show. I believe the good, god made you different from the rest. Have you not shown me you two are nothing but the best? I think I know the answer to that question. Your love for each other and others is something I don’t have to mention. Happy Grandparents day to you! I truly, truly love you!

3. Nana, you are special. Your love knows no bounds. A room takes special warmth whenever you’re around. You think I’m cute and talented and maybe even wise. But I know that’s why all grandparents see though loving eyes. Every day with you is precious. I’m so grateful for the time of all the grandparents in the world. I’m thankful that you’re mine.

4. The way it smells when she cooks. When you’re bad, the way she looks. How she would do anything to help a friend. The way she’ll stick by you until the end. She’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Unless you get on her bad side, then you’re in for a treat. The way she’ll cheer you up when you’re down. And how she helps you to turn your frown. The way she jokes and laughs with me, her soul so kind, so sweet, so free. She inspires me in different ways every day. My grandma is wonderful in every way.

5. I didn’t know my grandpa, but I wish I could have though, cause from the stories mama has told, I would have loved him so. She said he was a big man, who bounced her on his knee, he baked her coconut cakes for her birthday, she even had pictures for me to see. My granny is very special, too, cause when we go to her house, she finds lots of good things to do, like making crafts and cookies too! She takes me and my sister to the park where we walk the walking trail, and if it’s really hot, she buys us ice cream by the pail! She likes to take us to the creek, so we can wade and wet our feet. I wish you all could know my granny, because she is so very sweet!

6. From early in the morning, until I go to sleep each day, I know my grandparents love me, in a very special way. Sometimes it’s tea and crackers, sometimes a walk in the park, sometimes it’s just a hug when I’m scared and in the dark. I love to hear their stories, about the past and where they’re from, and I know their hearts are filled for me, with never ending love.

7. Grandparents are grand! Grandma or grandpa, nana, nona, or nammy. Poppop, papa, or poppy. Warm welcomes. Happy hugs, holding hearts. Love, Love, Love. Kids, crafts, cooking. Grandparents lending life’s lessons. Many momentous moments. Amazingly awesome!

8. My Grandpa, you are so special to me, you teach me to be happy and free. I love spending our fun days together, we always find a new adventure. You don’t mind answering my questions why? You pick me up and carry me high. My grandpa, you take the time to teach, and let me see things above my reach. With you, I always feel safe and secure, I’ll love you forever, ever more. We say goodbye with a hug and kiss, as I make a big, big special wish. My wish for you, grandpa, please, please don’t go. Why? Because I love, love, love you so.

9. Grandparents bestow upon their grandchildren. The strength and wisdom that time, and experience have given them. Grandchildren bless their grandparents with a youthful vitality and innocence that helps them stay young at heart forever. Together they create a chain of love linking the past with the future. The chain may lengthen, but it will never part.

10. This is the perfect time to say that I’m so glad to have grandparents like you. When I’m near you I can feel your love, when I’m away from you I miss you very much. Surely you must be the greatest grandparents in the whole wide world. I love you so very much!

11. Few can bring the warmth we can find in their embrace, and little more is needed to bring love. Than the smile on their face. They have a supply of precious stories, yet they’ve time to wipe a tear, or give us reasons to make us laugh, they grow more precious through the years. I believe that god sent us grandparents as our legacy from above, to share the moments of our life, as extra measures of his love.

12. When god created grandparents the world was truly blessed with all the special joys that make a family happiest. For grandparents know how to do the things that warm a heart, they touch our lives with loving care right from the very start. They show that they believe in us and all we’re dreaming of. When god created grandparents, he blessed our lives with love.

13. It’s Grandparents day and we’re here to say, we love our grandparents in a major way. So sit right down and take a seat, and we’ll put on a show that can’t be beat! Some grandparents are skinny. Some eat a lot. Some are funny. Some are not. Some short, some tall, some big, some small. It doesn’t matter. We love them all.

14. Grandmas and grandpas are everything nice. Like presents and candy and raspberry ice. And chocolate fudge sundaes, with cherries on top. And popcorn and peanuts and grape soda pop. In winter or summer, in rain or in sun, grandmas and grandpas are wonderful fun!!

15. Grandparents are special people with wisdom and pride. They are always offering love and kindness and are always there to guide. They often make you feel so confident and strong. Their arms are always open no matter what you did wrong. They try to help out in every way that they can. They love all their grandchildren the same whether you’re a child, woman or man. They are always there to listen and to lend a helping hand. They show you respect and they try to understand. They give their love, devotion and so much more, that’s easy to see. Grandparents, what perfect examples of the kind of person that we should be.

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