Pope Francis Quotes About Love

Pope Francis Quotes About Love And Family [Top 100]

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Pope Francis Quotes About Love

Pope Francis Quotes About Love

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1. To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us.

2. Help one another this is what Jesus teaches us. This is what I do. And I do it with my heart.

3. Have the courage to be truly happy!

4. I ask you to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it.

5. I see the church as a field hospital after battle.

6. The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek humility, service and love.

7. Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.

8. We must restore hope to young people, help the old, be open to the future, spread love. Be poor among the poor. We need to include the excluded and preach peace.

9. Life is a journey. When we stop, things don’t go right.

10. If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge? We shouldn’t marginalize people for this. They must be integrated into society.

11. This is important: to get to know people, listen, expand the circle of ideas. The world is crisscrossed by roads that come closer together and move apart, but the important thing is that they lead towards the Good.

12. No one can grow if he does not accept his smallness.

13. I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security.

14. God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy.

15. It is not progressive to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life.

16. How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure but it is news when the stock market loses two points?

17. Situations can change; people can change. Be the first to seek to bring good. Do not grow accustomed to evil, but defeat it with good.

18. This is the struggle of every person: be free or be a slave.

19. Living together is an art. It’s a patient art, it’s a beautiful art, it’s fascinating.

20. We don’t have to expect everything from those who govern us; that would be juvenile.

21. Where there is truth, there is also light, but don’t confuse light with the flash.

22. Indifference is dangerous, whether.

23. If our hearts are closed, if our hearts are made of stone, the stones find their way into our hands and we are ready to throw them.

24. God’s image is the married couple, a man and woman, together. Not just the man. Not just the woman. No, both of them. That’s God’s image.

25. Not to share one’s wealth with the poor is to steal from them and to take away their livelihood. It is not our own goods which we hold, but theirs.

26. The Lord never tires of forgiving. It is we who tire of asking for forgiveness.

27. The Church Fathers teach us that a shattered heart is the most pleasing gift to God. It is the sign that we are conscious of our sins, of the evil we have done, of our wretchedness, and of our need for forgiveness and mercy.

28. Our faith in Christ, who became poor, and was always close to the poor and the outcast, is the basis of our concern for the integral development of society’s most neglected members.

29. Whenever we encounter another person in love, we learn something new about God.

30. If we start without confidence, we have already lost half the battle and we bury our talents.

31. See everything; turn a blind eye to much; correct a little.

32. Truth, according to the Christian faith, is God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. Therefore, truth is a relationship.

33. Truth is a relationship. As such, each one of us receives the truth and expresses it from within, that is to say, according to one’s own circumstances, culture, and situation in life.

34. The language of the Spirit, the language of the Gospel, is the language of communion that invites us to get the better of closeness and indifference, division and antagonism.

35. We can get angry: it’s even healthy to get angry from time to time.

36. We need to strengthen the conviction that we are one single human family.

37. The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven, and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.

38. We need to let ourselves be evangelized by the poor. They have much to teach us.

39. We are faced not with two separate crises, one environmental and the other social, but rather with one complex crisis which is both social and environmental.

40. We have only one heart, and the same wretchedness which leads us to mistreat an animal will not be long in showing itself in our relationships with other people.

41. The Church does not exist to condemn people but to bring about an encounter with the visceral love of God’s mercy.

42. What need does the earth have of us?

43. We are impatient, anxious to see the whole picture, but God lets us see things slowly, quietly.

44. Sin is more than a stain. Sin is a wound; it needs to be treated, healed. The place where my encounter with the mercy of Jesus takes place is my sin.

45. When Man ceases to worship God he does not worship nothing but worships everything.

46. Some people want to know why I wished to be called Francis. For me, Francis of Assisi is the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and protects creation.

47. Joy adapts and changes, but it always endures, even as a flicker of light born of our personal certainty that, when everything is said and done, we are infinitely loved.

48. Ecumenical relations it is important not only to know each other better, but also to recognize what the Spirit has sown in the other as a gift for us.

49. Let us draw from the crib the joy and deep peace that Jesus comes to bring to the world.

50. The Lord always forgives us and walks at our side. We have to let him do that.

51. Today I ask you in the name of Christ and the Church, never tire of being merciful.

52. Mercy will always be greater than any sin, no one can put a limit on the love of the all-forgiving God. Just.

53. let us be lights of hope! Let us maintain a positive outlook on reality.

54. You can, you must try to seek God in every human life. Although the life of a person is a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow. You have to trust God.

55. A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just.

56. Abortion isn’t a lesser evil, it’s a crime. Taking one life to save another, that’s what the Mafia does. It’s a crime. It’s an absolute evil.

57. A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel.

58. Christmas is joy, religious joy, an inner joy of light and peace.

59. Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit.

60. Wretched are those who are vindictive and spiteful.

61. Right now, we don’t have a very good relation with creation.

62. The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly human goal.

63. Tell me: when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person? It is necessary to accompany them with mercy.

64. War is a madness.

65. We all have the duty to do well.

66. Grace is not part of consciousness; it is the amount of light in our souls, not knowledge nor reason.

67. Religion has the right to express its opinion in the service of the people, but God in creation has set us free: it is not possible to interfere spiritually in the life of a person.

68. Find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world.

69. Although the life of a person is in a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow. You have to trust God.

70. The Pope loves everyone, rich and poor alike, but the Pope has the duty, in Christ’s name, to remind the rich to help the poor, to respect them, to promote them.

71. God always has patience.

72. Money has to serve, not to rule.

73. Truth, according to the Christian faith, is God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. Therefore, truth is a relationship.

74. Let us all remember this: one cannot proclaim the Gospel of Jesus without the tangible witness of one’s life.

75. Oh, how I would like a poor Church, and for the poor.

76. Proselytism is solemn nonsense; it makes no sense. We need to get to know each other, listen to each other and improve our knowledge of the world around us.

77. A church without women would be like the apostolic college without Mary. The Madonna is more important than the apostles, and the church herself is feminine, the spouse of Christ and a mother.

78. These days there is a lot of poverty in the world, and that’s a scandal when we have so many riches and resources to give to everyone. We all have to think about how we can become a little poorer.

79. Politics is a noble activity. We should revalue it, practice it with vocation and a dedication that requires testimony, martyrdom that is to die for the common good.

80. I am a sinner. This is the most accurate definition. It is not a figure of speech, a literary genre. I am a sinner.

81. Politics, according to the Social Doctrine of the Church, is one of the highest forms of charity, because it serves the common good. I cannot wash my hands, eh? We all have to give something!

82. Among us, who is above must be in service of the others. This doesn’t mean we have to wash each other’s feet every day, but we must help one another.

83. The root of this possibility of doing good that we all have is in creation.

84. We must always walk in the presence of the Lord, in the light of the Lord, always trying to live in an irreprehensible way.

85. The Church is or should go back to being a community of God’s people, and priests, pastors and bishops, who have the care of souls, are at the service of the people of God.

86. We need to avoid the spiritual sickness of a church that is wrapped up in its own world: when a church becomes like this, it grows sick.

87. A mother defends herself with a heart filled with love before doing so with words. I wonder whether there is any love for the church in the hearts of those who pay so much attention to the scandals.

88. Once elected, the Pope is by virtue of the promise of Jesus to Peter, the Pope is preserved from the possibility of error. God would change any spend thrift politician into a responsible Pope.

89. Since God created the world, he also created reality.

90. Young people are just as attracted to the truth as they are convenience and expediency.

91. To say that you can kill in the name of God is blasphemy.

92. In the Church, and in the journey of faith, women have had and still have a special role in opening doors to the Lord.

93. You cannot be in a position of power and destroy the life of another person.

94. More and more people work on Sundays as a consequence of the competitiveness imposed by a consumer society.

95. Vanity, showing off, is an attitude that reduces spirituality to a worldly thing, which is the worst sin that could be committed in the church.

96. He who doesn’t pray to the Lord prays to the devil.

97. We just cannot worry about ourselves.

98. Worshipping is stripping ourselves of our idols, even the most hidden ones, and choosing the Lord as the Centre, as the highway of our lives.

99. We must not reduce the bosom of the universal church to a nest protecting our mediocrity.

100. Human self-understanding changes with time, and so also human consciousness deepens.

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