Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2017 Everything You Always Wanted to Know!

Veterans Day 2017: Saturday, 11-Nov-2017 is the date to celebrate the Veterans day on the November month. We have written complete article on the Veterans Day 2017.

Veterans Day 2017

Veterans Day 2017
Veterans Day 2017

History of Veterans Day 2017

Veterans day is a public holiday which is observed in the US on the 11th of November every year. This day is celebrated to honor and cheer the Military veterans of America. But, do you know that initially, Veterans Day was known as ‘Armistice Day’? Well, the day has its own history.

On 11 November 1919, when the world was celebrating the 1st anniversary of the end of the First World War, America and other Allied powers decided to call it ‘Armistice Day’ to celebrate the ‘Armistice’ that was signed by Germany and the Allied nations to stop the First World War and avoid any such war in the future.

But, the American Government started giving importance to it only after 1926, when unanimously a resolution was passed by the Congress to celebrate this day annually and it was only in 1938 that 11th November was declared a national holiday.

Veterans Day – Armistice Day to Veterans Day 2017

From 1941 to 1945, during the period of the Second World War, the American army proved its mettle by serving a day in and day out throughout the war.

Nearly 16 million American soldiers were deployed in the war who did a great job in ending the war as well as killing the enemies. Similarly, when the Korean War arose, even then close to 6 million American soldiers took part in it and fought till the end.

It is only after both these wars that the American Congress decided to change the name of the Armistice Day to Veterans Day to show love and respect to all the veteran American soldiers as they had done a lot for the soldiers. President Eisenhower changed the name officially to the Veterans Day in the year 1954.

Veterans Day- Honouring the Veterans of World War II

If asked why is Veterans Day is celebrated,the answer would be to honour the living veterans of the Second World War. Every department of the military took part in it, be it the air force, navy, marines, etc.

They fought till the end and proved why America is a superpower and how strong the American army is. And, that’s the reason why the US has declared 11th November as a public holiday, so that people can take out time to honour the veterans of the WW II that are still alive and who served the nation in either wartime or peacetime.

Veterans Day- How is It Celebrated?

Veterans Day is celebrated on the 11th of May with much zeal and respect every year. On this occasion, the American Army does parades, does church services, etc.

In most of the states, the US Flag is hung at half-mast. A lot of schools are shut on this occasion, but those that are open, arrange special kind of assemblies for the students where they perform to reminisce their forgotten heroes.

Veterans Day- Facts about Veterans Day 2017

The most important and the least known facts about the Veterans Day are:

• In the year 1968, the bill passed by the Congress named as the ‘Uniform Holidays Bill’ shifted the Veterans Day celebration to the 4th Monday in the month of October and it went into effect in the year 1971. However, in the year 1975, the Veterans day was returned to the date November 11 by President Ford, owing to the historical significance that this day holds.

• Countries like Canada, Australia, and France also celebrate Veterans Day but they have given different names to it. For example, in Canada, it is Remembrance Day and in Europe, it is Remembrance Sunday. All they do on the 11th of May is that they mourn for the lost heroes by staying silent for two minutes.

• If we talk about present day veterans, there are around 16.1 million veterans who have served the nation in at least one war. So, Happy Veterans Day 2017

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